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50th Anniversary Logo

Trinidad and Tobago achieved Independence on August 31st, 1962 and is observing 50 years of Independence this year, 2012. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago will remember and celebrate this important milestone with a series of fitting initiatives. These aim to recognize and celebrate some of the important events, people and places that helped shaped the country’s rich and diverse history. In observing our Golden Jubilee, the Government sought a logo that visually reflected the nation’s journey, engaging all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, both home and abroad. The official 50th Anniversary of Independence Logo was selected from among 625 entries from citizens as far as Jamaica, USA and the UK, over a four week period from February 16th to March 16th. Of these entries, 4 recommendations were made by 6 esteemed judges of the design and creative industry. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) gave the go ahead for 3 and ultimately, a collaborative process led to the determination of a winner and Cabinet approval.

Who we are

Trinidad and Tobago is the most southerly island state of the West Indian archipelago with co-ordinates 11 00N, 61 00 W.  We are located northeast of the Venezuelan mainland, and bound by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  Geologically, the islands are not part of the Antillean arc.  The island of Trinidad was once part of the South American mainland and is situated on its continental shelf while the island of Tobago is part of an island arc chain associated with the Caribbean Plate.

Side by Side - The Film Series

Side by Side is a film series, exhibition and filmaking competition, produced by the trinidad+tobago film festival and supported by the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Independence, in commemoration of 50 years of an independent Trinidad & Tobago.