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50th Anniversary Logo

Trinidad and Tobago achieved Independence on August 31st, 1962 and is observing 50 years of Independence this year, 2012. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago will remember and celebrate this important milestone with a series of fitting initiatives. These aim to recognize and celebrate some of the important events, people and places that helped shaped the country’s rich and diverse history. In observing our Golden Jubilee, the Government sought a logo that visually reflected the nation’s journey, engaging all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, both home and abroad. The official 50th Anniversary of Independence Logo was selected from among 625 entries from citizens as far as Jamaica, USA and the UK, over a four week period from February 16th to March 16th. Of these entries, 4 recommendations were made by 6 esteemed judges of the design and creative industry. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) gave the go ahead for 3 and ultimately, a collaborative process led to the determination of a winner and Cabinet approval.

MRS. DEBBIE BOOS’ PROFILE Nestled among these 625 entries was our official 50th Anniversary of Independence Logo won by Mrs. Debbie Boos. Mrs. Boos comes from a family of talented musicians and artists, and has been practicing as an artist for over 30 years. At present, she is an interior designer by profession. Mrs. Boos also sits as a committee member of the Tall Man Foundation. Her accomplishments include developing four (4) postage stamps for the 4th National Latin American Geological Congress held in Trinidad in 1979; creating the winning poster design for the competition “Environmental Preservation for Land, Sea and Atmosphere” in 1981; and designing three (3) postage stamps for the Scout’s Association of Trinidad and Tobago to commemorate the 75th Anniversary for World Scouts in 1982. Mrs. Boos is married, with 1 son and resides in St. Clair. Her other hobbies include swimming, reading and sewing. LOGO CONCEPT “My design visually reflects the nation’s journey in the Moko Jumbies whose increasing heights represent growth and progress over 50 years of independence. The Moko Jumbies represent the Trinity hills as well as being an integral part of the culture of the people. Their stilts represent cane-cutting implements used in the sugar cane industry when sugar was King, and the heads represent the lucrative oil industry in the age of advanced technology. The ribbons represent the continued, upward movement towards the nation’s positive future. The red, white and black colours represent the colours of the Trinidad and Tobago flag.” – Debbie Boos


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