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A message from the Prime Minister the Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Fellow citizens,

On August 31st, our great Nation Trinidad and Tobago commemorates its Golden Jubilee of Independence.

Our journey to this milestone has been one of triumph and great transformation. As a Nation we have always been able to harness our inherent strengths of unity and perseverance, to stand firmly together and remain one People, one Nation. We have embraced development without sacrificing our sacred traditions and built upon the sterling contributions of those who came before us, to ensure the continued social, economic, cultural and political well-being of our country.

We have a proud tradition of liberty and freedom and a long-standing commitment to the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

We have been blessed with abundant natural resources and the unbridled talent of a culturally diverse people.

One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Eighty square miles, 1.3 million people populating two islands. A small island state by international standards, yet we have gifted the world the invention of the steel pan. We are renowned for our music and diverse cultural festivals. Our Carnival has spawned similar festivals worldwide and many of our citizens have etched their names and that of Trinidad and Tobago in the annals of world history.

Yes, there is much to celebrate in Trinidad and Tobago in this our 50th year of Independence.

But now we must look toward the future in a world that is rapidly changing. Communication, governance, doing business, the designing  and implementation of strategies for sustainable development…all have become more complex, more sophisticated. So too have the expectations of our citizens.

How shall we choose to approach our next 50 years of Independence?

I believe that to continue to prosper, we must rise above our differences in the interest of the greater national good. Yes, there will be differences and conflicts and challenges, but ultimately out of these struggles we must accomplish lasting growth and development.

As leaders of the Public Service, corporate movers and shakers, public and private sector workers, members of civil society, young persons, individuals, we must all work together for a tomorrow where prosperity and dignity for all is achievable and where high standards of quality and productivity are our hallmarks.

My Government has a vision for Trinidad and Tobago.  Our vision is for a country where creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation thrive to power lasting prosperity. Our vision is for a country where all our citizens may feel assured, with each passing year, that he/she is an essential part of our social and economic development. At age 50, our Nation is now ready to rise, to spread its wings and soar.

Let us now set our sights even higher. Our best days are yet to come. With the continued dedication, determination and loyalty of you, our citizens, we will rise together… in unity… one People represented by the Red, White and Black ready to re-define ourselves and deepen our influence in the region and the world.

May God Bless you and may God Bless our great Nation, Trinidad and Tobago.

Happy 50th anniversary of Independence!